MAC Uganda Loader


D-Max Single Cab

D-Max Double Cab

Gen 6 D-Max Double Cab 3.0 Deluxe

67 Seater


Heavy Duty Truck

Mac East Africa is the official dealer of Isuzu vehicles in Uganda and a subsidiary company of the ALMANSOUR group, headed in Egypt. Our operations span over several businesses but our philosophy remains the same: To avail the highest quality products, backed by superior customer service to grantee the utmost satisfaction of customers across all sectors of operation. Since our establishment in Uganda in 2014, you, our clients, have made the business worthwhile.

The Mansour Automotive existence spans over 44 years and is one of the oldest automotive companies in Egypt founded by Mr. Mohammed Mansour. The group has experience in exclusively handling/distributing brands like Chevrolet, MG, Opel, Peugeot, and Cadillac brands in Egypt.

Through this journey, the group expanded its footprints to Iraq, Libya, Uganda, Tanzania & Ghana with a combined annual volume of over 75,000 vehicles across locations and an annual turnover of over $1.6 Billion

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