MAC Uganda Loader


MV Bus offers transport solutions where short and long distance travel is involved.

With a powerplant churning 270 HP and 980 Nm to torque, the 6SD1.TC 9,839 cubic centimeter displacement engine, with intercooler turbo, this bus is not only highly economical, but also an amazing performer.

Ruggedness and robustness of the MV Bus starts with the reinforced chassis, which facilitates the mounting of a wide variety of bus bodies at an overall length of 12M and a wheelbase of 6.05m, the MV bus is the most stable in its class. The power steering allows for less fatiguing maneuverability while allowing the driver full control of the vehicle’s direction. The full air braking system enables short stopping distances even in emergency circumstances.

MV bus offers great reliability, durability, comfort and convenience making it the #1 solution to all human transport requirements.