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Isuzu Complete Care Exceeding Expectations


Isuzu Genuine Parts are designed and manufactured to the same high standard of quality and design that Isuzu vehicles are known for. Isuzu parts undergo thorough tests to safeguard vehicle reliability, safety and performance; delivering longer service mileage and minimal interruption to business operations.

Engine Service Parts

Oil Filter
The oil filter removes impurities contained in this engine oil through the filter paper of the filter, allowing only clean oil to lubricate the inside of the engine. While used together with the recommended lubricants

Fuel Filter
Fuel may contain impurities, such as water, dust and iron rust. Such fuel supplied to the engine may clog or wear the supply pump and injectors eventually shortening the life of the engine. Such impurities are removed by the filter paper ensuring fuel supplied to the engine is clean. The filter paper is therefore critical in protecting the engine from damage.

Comparison Isuzu Genuine Oil & Fuel Filters Non-Genuine Filters
Filter Paper Material Plant Fiber Materialwith Fine Texture Thin Material With Coarse Texture
Filtration Area Sufficient Filtration Verified Thorough Engineering Tests Reduced Filtration Area By Upto 30%
Adhesive Agent Provides Good Sealing Using High Quality Adhesive Agent Insufficient Adhesive, Causing Leakage
Performance High Efficiency In Trapping Impurities Lacking Efficiency By Upto 50%

Air Cleaner Element
This part is responsible for filtering air of impurities such as fine dust. If taken into the engine without filtration, the cylinder and piston rings wear out. As a result, the engine’s power output and fuel consumption may drop affecting vehicle performance.

Engine Maintenance Parts

Clutch Disks/Pressure Plate
The clutch has a role of transmitting power generated by the engine to the transmission. This is essential to vehicle motion from acceleration to deceleration. Clutch parts also serve as a fuse protecting the drivetrain from damage.

Water Pump
The water pump is positioned between the engine and the radiator driven by a timing belt via a pulley. The main function of the water pump is to circulate coolant. The coolant is heated at the engine then sent to the radiator cooled and returned to the engine. A properly functioning water pump is key to regulating engine temperature.

Timing Belt/Fan Belt
This is an important part, which transmits engine power to several auxiliary devices (generator, water pump, cooling fan, refrigerator compressor, air compressor, power steering pump, etc.). If the belt is broken or fails to exert sufficient transmission performance due to its weak tension, the engine may overheat resulting in reduced brake force or power steering malfunction.

Comparison Isuzu Genuine Oil & Fuel Filters Non-Genuine Filters
Length/Size Optimal Length For Every Engine Approximate Length
Cogged Shape Calibrated To Ensure A Quiet Operation Non-Calibration Causing Abnormal Noise
Heat Resistance High Friction Ability Hence Withstands High Temperature Low Temperature Resistance Resulting In Partial Engagement


Trust: Isuzu Genuine Parts meet high Isuzu standards on manufacturing quality and certification

Return on Investment: Isuzu parts are economical resulting in low cost of vehicle maintenance to maximize profitability

Convenience: Isuzu has a wide network of distributors ensuring ready availability

Peace of Mind: Isuzu vehicles are designed to maximize mileage with long service intervals

Emergency Support: 24/7 Customer Service through service number and technical assistance


As part of Complete Care, your vehicle’s regular maintenance is performed at a dealership. This guarantees that your vehicle is repaired with Genuine Parts covered by an Isuzu factory warranty. All service and repair work at an Isuzu Dealership is always carried out by trained technicians, using, specialised diagnostic equipment and tools. Nobody knows your vehicle better that these trained professionals

Our goal is always to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We earn customers for life and inspire loyalty through our brands, service delivery and passion. Our Dealers take pride in their service and strive daily to deliver the highest service level we are renowned for