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Experience MORE with ISUZU (F-Series Trucks)

Local distributors, construction companies and businesses around the world count on Isuzu F Series Trucks, to deliver MORE value cost effectively, so you have a solid competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment. The Isuzu F Series lineup incorporates an innovative design, versatility and dependable performance that are vital to success and meets the demands of the operators.

The comprehensive range of advanced F-Series trucks provides operators with the right options to meet the most demanding requirements from freight carriers and compactors to Heavy operations and off-road application.

Latest Engineering

Increased engine displacement ensures that horsepower and torque is much improved while OHC (overhead cam) and refinements in the direct injection system gives great fuel economy and clean burning power.

Transmission Options

Available in 6-speed (FVX) and 9-Speed (FVZ) manual transmission which is suited for a wide range of pulling conditions including flat or steep gradients at high or low speeds to maximize your operations efficiency.

Powerful Engine

The 6SDI diesel power engine keeps performance up, aximizing on high power output & torque, the advanced diesel technology of this 6-cylinder engine also helps to reduce emissions. Rugged construction, outstanding durability and long-life engines ensure that the trucks will be hard at work and not in the shops undergoing repairs.

Ideal for virtually any Applications

Garbage Compactor

The garbage compactor is the preferred option in today’s garbage collection strategy in modern towns.

Garbage Compactor

The truck can compact up to 10 tons of domestic garbage at a go making it highly efficient in collection of domestic garbage from estates.

Garbage Compactor

The Isuzu FSR garbage compactor allows you to decrease the impact of your waste on landfills. We care for our environment.

Recovery Truck

Recovery truck is used for rescue purposes especially in areas where the terrain bad. The Recovery truck application is available on various sizes for different scales of applications.

Recovery Truck

Telescopic boom on a turntable for optimal access of load around the vehicle.

Recovery Truck

Fitted with a 13.5ton front and rear Hydraulic with suitable for off-road vehicle recovery and wrecking.