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New Vehicle Warranty

Warranty Information

All Isuzu vehicles come with a manufacture warranty for a total peace of mind.

GXZ TRUCK 2 YEARS / unlimited mileage
MV BUS 2 YEARS / unlimited mileage
F SERIES TRUCKS 2 YEARS / unlimited mileage
N-SERIES TRUCKS 2 YEARS / unlimited mileage
mu-X 3 YEARS / 100,000 KM
When to Service

When to service

While your warranty covers most unexpected failures that may occur, it does not include the regular servicing and maintenance that are required for all vehicles. Regular servicing with your Isuzu dealer is important to keep your engine and critical components performing at their best, so that your Isuzu is always ready to help you find new roads. The warranty will be valid and honored if vehicles are service at an Isuzu Dealership at the specified service intervals. This is to ensure that the vehicles, components and updates are maintained or performed (e.g. filters and oil replaced at the correct time) as per schedule to ensure that the vehicle will continue to serve the owner with reliability, economy and component durability.

For more information, check the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle here.

Worksmanship & Parts

Worksmanship & Parts

All service and repair work at an Isuzu Dealership or Approved Body Repairer is always carried out by trained technicians, using specialised diagnostic equipment and tools. Nobody knows your vehicle better than these trained professionals. Genuine Parts are designed and manufactured with exacting standards including attention to detail to achieve precise levels of fit and function, making a significant contribution to your vehicle’s value reliability, performance and integrity.

With Genuine Parts, there are no compromises. These are guaranteed to fit and work. Although non-genuine parts may seem like an exact replica of Genuine Parts, these are often made from low-grade materials. This inherent lack of quality makes non-genuine parts less effective and shortens their period of serviceability. Fitment of non-genuine parts will jeopardize the validity of your warranty (where applicable), which could have expensive consequences should major components fail and will impact negatively on your vehicle’s resale value.

Accident repairs & body repairs

Accident repairs & body repairs

In the event of an unfortunate vehicle accident, always insist and ensure that your vehicle will only be repaired by an Approved Body Repairer. In the unlikely event that the vehicle is repaired by a non-approved Body repairer, there are serious risks with regard to vehicle reliability, safety and full vehicle warranty cancellation.



The following highlights aspects that are covered under warranty:

  • Defects – The warranty covers any repairs needed to correct defects in material or workmanship.
  • Repairs – Your Isuzu Truck dealer will carry out the repairs or adjustments using new approved parts.
  • Warranty period -The warranty period begins on the date of sale of the vehicle to the original retail purchaser.
  • No charge items – Warranty repairs (parts and labour) will be made at no cost to the owner. A reasonable time must be allowed after taking the vehicle to the dealer.
  • Warranty application – This warranty is for vehicles registered and normally operated in Uganda and adjacent territories.


The following are excluded from the warranty:

  • Tyres are not covered under warranty.
  • Damage due to accidents misuse or alterations – Accidents or damage from objects striking the vehicle, misuse of the vehicle (driving over kerbs, overloading and racing) and modifications like performance enhancers are not included.
  • Damage from environment including salt, hail, windstorm and lightning.
  • Cleaning, polishing, lubricants and filters, engine tune-up and replacing worn brake and clutch linings are some of the normal maintenance items on all vehicles and are for the owner’s account.
  • Indirect expenses including payment for the loss of use of the vehicle during warranty repairs, lodging bills, car rentals and other travel costs are for the owner’s account.