MAC Uganda Loader


In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment, we’re at the core of constantly enabling our customers who partner with us to develop products that resonate with their everyday business needs, equipping them for the road ahead.

It’s through this partnership that we usher in the new GXZ Prime Mover. It is designed with the driver, the owner and local operating conditions in mind. A truck that truly delivers high performance throughout the year.


Designed specifically for high carrying capacity, the C& E series features extra strength front and rear leaf spring suspension to absorb vibration, protect cargo and provide a smooth ride. There are 2 types of suspension available. For enhanced operation on uneven terrain, the highly rigid frame resists torsion forces and increases overall durability.


Thanks to its wide gear range, the 16-speed transmission provides precise gear selection and better fuel economy during every driving conditions. The inhibitor warning is a convenient feature that warns drivers when shifting into the wrong gear which enhances driver control and fuel economy.


The 6WF1-TCC diesel packs several advanced technologies into a compact format that produces a hefty 390PS while reducing the emissions and raising the fuel economy. Low speed torque and acceleration are also improved, making this engine ideal for use in a wide range of applications

Ideal for virtually any Applications

Recovery Truck

Recovery truck is used for rescue purposes especially in areas where the terrain bad. The Recovery truck application is available on various sizes for different scales of applications.

Recovery Truck

Telescopic boom on a turntable for optimal access of load around the vehicle.

Recovery Truck

Fitted with a 13.5ton front and rear Hydraulic with suitable for off-road vehicle recovery and wrecking.