MAC Uganda Loader


In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment, we’re at the core of constantly enabling our customers who partner with us to develop products that resonate with their everyday business needs, equipping them for the road ahead.

It’s through this partnership that we usher in the new GXZ Prime Mover. It is designed with the driver, the owner and local operating conditions in mind. A truck that truly delivers high performance throughout the year.


Both sedimenters feature replaceable filters - there is no need to replace the entire cartridge. Besides the cost benefit, filters are highly effective and easily remove deposits and water from oil.


The GXZ prime mover is integrated with a fully synchronised highly effective and durable ZF 9, TD 9 speed manual transmission that drivers will find easy to handle when driving on any terrain. The transmission has a high traction starting gear and it has the best gear ratio within the 6NX1 - TCS family.


Being environmentally friendly is not only at the core of ISUZU. The GXZ prime mover has reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency thanks to the 6NX1 - TSC Diesel that packs several advanced technologies into a compact format producing 345hp. Low torque and acceleration are also improved, making the engine ideal for moving different kinds of goods across the country and beyond.